Cecelia Hobbs Gardner

A Seat at the Table: Selecting the Retiree Representative

Featured in Local 802’s Allegro, the magazine of the NYC musicians’ union [October 2017, reprinted with permission] 

I have been a working member of Local 802 for 35 years. As with my roles on negotiating committees and my tenure as a long-time Broadway Theatre Committee representative, I have, unfailingly, been invested in the notion that we are stronger when we work together to foster security and protection for all of our members.


Featured on Musicians for Pension Security website [April 2017, reprinted with permission]

MPRA refers to the Kline-Miller Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014.  It provides options to trustees/plan sponsors of severely underfunded multiemployer pension plans to cut pension benefits if the fund meets the criteria of the new “critical and declining” status, created by this law.

Alumni Ties in Tribute to Slain Civil Rights Leader

Featured in the Juilliard Journal [September 2017, reprinted with permission]

Recording The Passion of Octavius Catto

As a freelance musician for many years, I’ve found that some of the most interesting and fun jobs can come from a chance encounter. For instance, in July, I was working with a former Juilliard classmate on a recording session. After a great time playing together, we said our goodbyes.

The Art of the Match

Featured in the Juilliard Journal

The Mentoring program was set up to deepen students’ Juilliard experience by spending time with members of the community outside their area of study. Ideally, both parties would come away enriched. That certainly ended up being the case when, in 2010, violin alum and former staff member Cecelia Hobbs Gardner was paired with freshman pianist Christine Wu.

A Jazz Studies First With Jane Monheit

Featured in the Juilliard Journal [October 2011, reprinted with permission]

Juilliard Jazz continues its 10th-anniversary celebration with something new: on October 25, Grammy-nominated Jane Monheit will be the first vocalist to appear in a full-length concert with the Juilliard Jazz Orchestra. 

An Alumna Reflects on Juilliard and Beyond

Featured in the Juilliard Journal [May-August 2011, reprinted with permission]

Exactly 30 years ago, I left Juilliard as a violinist with both bachelor’s and master’s of music degrees, but without the often presumed career goals of becoming a soloist or an orchestral musician. 

Workplace Harassment

Featured in Counterpoint [2001, reprinted with permission]

The subject of on-the-job harassment is often discussed in whispered tones. It is expressed through shame, intimidation and frustration by victims of the harassment. The details are shared with few in order to “protect” the victim from further humiliation and torture at the hands of the harasser, but by perpetuating the secret, the problem continues to go unchecked, unresolved and tacitly accepted throughout the music industry.