This Is Not How I Pictured It

Oct 29, 2018

It is the end of the 5th week since I picked up my blank nominating petition and began asking for your support. Thank you all who signed my petition and made it possible for me to secure the requisite 100 verified signatures necessary to appear on the ballot. I thought that was the hard part. But, I was wrong.

The things that I have experienced and been subjected to behind the scenes simply because I wanted to be a candidate — those constitute the worst part of the process so far. I am disheartened and more shocked than I ever thought I would be about the state of campaigning and what I imagine the next  six (6) weeks of this election process to be. But I can tell you, honestly, that I would not continue in this campaign if I did not have the support I have felt from so many and if I didn’t believe so strongly that I could add something of value to the union efforts.

I want you to pay attention–always–to what you are hearing, and not hearing. When the candidates (including me) come to visit you at your workplace or you are seeing us on a daily basis, pay attention and ask questions — not just of the paid officers at the top of the ballot, but of everyone.

  • Do we know what you want us to know?
  • Can we express ourselves with clarity and insight?
  • Do we have a grasp of the issues that you care about?
  • Do you see signs that we have the fortitude and commitment to represent you now and for the long haul?

There is much more at stake in this election than I think many people realize. Don’t be satisfied with just asking your friends and colleagues who they are voting for. Step up and ask yourself — do I know anything about these candidates beyond a perfunctory 3-sentence introduction? And don’t just focus on who is running for president. The success of our union doesn’t rest solely with the next president voted in. The president, according to the bylaws, does not (or should not) “run” the union alone — the 9-member Executive Board is responsible for the governance and oversight of everything at the union, including what the president is authorized to do. Refer to the Local 802 bylaws related to the duties of the officers and the Boards. (Though the bylaws are woefully out of date in print and on the website — they have not been updated in writing since 2010 — they are accessible when you log into your 802 account under the “Member Docs” section.)

Hot Tip of the Election:

You do NOT have to vote for a slate!!

You can choose me and eight (8) other candidates for Executive Board from across the ballot who you believe will be the best people to speak for you on issues that matter to you.

Who do you want to be on watch for you at Local 802? There is a lot to be watching out for.

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